This 51-year-old Korean dentist is often mistaken for his own sister

Our faces must be wrinkled with time. But not everyone can look like a young woman like this girl.

Lee Soo Jin, a South Korean dentist who became a big hit online in 2016 after her cute and clear photos with the message that This woman is 48 years old but still looks incredibly young. She had the opportunity to appear on many television programs and was given the nickname: “Goddess of youth”, but now she is 51 years old and it seems that time can still do nothing to her.

Su Jin revealed on Korean Same Bed, Different Dreams that she became interested in social media after her daughter went to high school and rarely spoke to her. Sojin began to enjoy himself receiving a lot of attention like never before. From her younger looking image And that is the starting point for her to plunge into the social world.

At one point Su Jin’s daughter began to feel that Her mother took a selfie and posted it on Instagram so they didn’t understand each other. But now, mothers and daughters have already cleared problems And we often see Su Jin’s daughter appearing on her Instagram often.

While people over the age of 40 know that The wrinkles on the face tend to appear almost every year. But for Su Jin, it looks like her face is still looking young. Until many people mistakenly think that she and her daughter are siblings.

At this point, many people might think the same about surgery that is famous in South Korea. May have helped Sujin to look at the face of a child like this. However, Su Jin had an interview with a recently published Vietnamese media In which she confirmed that she had not had any plastic surgery at all

What is the secret? Which helps her to look so young

The key thing for Sujin at age 51 is to have a balanced lifestyle in all matters, whether it is to use skincare regularly and to be always optimistic. In addition, she also goes to the gym 2-3 times a week. Eating healthy food Sleep at least 8 hours a day All of this is something that we already know. But almost didn’t do it at all.

Sujin just posted her own photo in 1992, at the time she was 23 years old. It can be seen that it is quite different from the present. We can be sure that it’s all about make-up, shadows, and filters in an application that is the cause of the difference. But never mind She still looks very young at the age of 51.

For anyone who thinks they have relatives in their 50s and faces like this youthful face Can try to send to compete I believe that there are still a few Thai people who have a child who can not beat her.

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