14 Signs Prove That Your Are Being Cheated

Have you ever got this in mind, Is my husband having an affair? or do you think that your bf-gf is cheating on you? These 12 signs help you find the truth.

Signs when you are being cheated on

Signs when you are being cheated on

Everybody has secrets he/she keeps to himself/herself, but every relationship must be based on trust and trust is the most important key in any relationship. Sometimes it can be difficult to find where to draw the line in your relationship. Good communication is a key, but if your partner wants to hide something, you need to know the truth to take decisions in your relationship. And it’s very painful when someone cheats on you, and you realize it after a long time. These 14 can really help you in this case.

We’ve mentioned possible signs of being cheated on that your partner may be trying to cover up something from you and these signs can help you to know if your being cheated on.

If you’re a married couple, then this thing is common that a wife can have this question in her mind: “Is my husband having an affair?”

Don’t worry, we have collected some signs that can give you idea when your husband or your boyfriend cheats.

1. Voice Gets Changed:

If you find a change in your partner’s voice or tone, when he talks to you, he may be lying to you. He can clean his throat more often than usual or he may be breathing heavily. These are some natural reactions of human body when someone gets upset about something or wants to hide something.

2. Avoiding Eye Contact:

Eyes, the part of human body, express a lot of emotions, so if your partner keeps avoiding eye contact, it may be because he wants to hide something and  doesn’t want you to see through them. You may find fear pr secrets in them and therefore he tries not to make eye contact.

4. He Gets Nervous When He is Alone:

When someone is having secrets, it can make him feel anxious, especially when he is alone. He may feel stressed and this may make it difficult to remain calm when there is nothing else to distract him.

5. He Makes Others Feel Uneasy:

This happens your partner wants to distract himself because he may be feeling guilty about something. He is trying to direct something to you or your friends and family are doing wrong so that others may feel uneasy with him.

6. His Body Language Tell a Lot:

While having a conversation, if your partner diverts his body from you, then it’s a clear sign that there are some secrets, that he is trying to hide,  and he doesn’t  want those secrets to be revealed. In the same way, nail biting is another sign of anxiety or insecurity and this happens because there is something he is trying to hide. Another way, to find out if your partner is lying or cheating,  is by looking at his hands and by noticing what he does with his hands. Normally people put their hands in the pocket or let them on the table,  but if your partner tries to play with his hands, then it’s a sign that he got some secrets.

7. Expressionless Face:

Facial expression is something that says a lot about anyone and you can read those expressions to find our what is going on in mind of the person next to you, and they say a lot about how we feel. So, if your partner wants to hide something, he will try to keep his face expressionless.

8. Blinks His Eyes Too Much

When someone blinks too much, this is the sign of lie. When someone is stressed or wants to hide something, he/she will blink his/her eyes too much. So if you notice your partner blinks more than usual, he may be lying to you.

9. He is Less Intimate With You:

If you feel that your partner is less interested in intimacy or sex with you, then it’s time to have a serious talk with him. Because there might be someone else that fulfills his intimacy needs.

10. Sudden Improvements In His Appearance:

If your partner suddenly starts adding exercise in his routine and starts updating their dresses or daily routines, they are trying to impress someone else. If your partner looks the same way as before around you, but well dressed for work or other social events, then he is trying to “Catch Someone Else Eyes”.

11. It’s Hard To Reach Your Partner:

If you find it very difficult to reach your partner or if you find that your partner gives very are less response to your calls or messages – this is the sign that you are being cheated on in your relationship.

12. Protects His Phone Very Often:

No doubt, privacy is important, but there should be a no reason for your partner to protect his phone too much. If he continues to receive messages at strange time and becomes defensive or even aggressive whenever you try to ask for those messages, trust me, he may be hiding something from you.

Do you agree that these are signs happen when someone hides something from you? You need to watch out for these signs if you have any doubt in your relationship. If you have other signs in your mind that can reveal if your husband or boyfriend is cheating with you, do share with us in the comments section below.

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