How do men and women behave after Sex?

How the behavior of men and women is different before and after sex also differs. These differences can cause various criticisms of the other side.

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How do men and women behave after sexuality

How do men and women behave after sexuality

How the behavior of men and women is different before sexuality begins, sexuality post also differs. These differences can cause various criticisms of the other side. Although the oxytocin hormone secreted after sexuality plays an effective role in determining behavior, it can be insufficient to explain these behaviors alone.

Women ‘s attitudes after sexuality:

1. Hugging

Women generally prefer to hug after sexuality. They feel safer. It can also be considered as an attempt to test the reality of the interest it sees before sexuality.

2. Talking about the relationship

It is common in couples who do not usually spend much time together, or in relationships where men are not very talkative. It is considered as the time of evaluation of the neglected emotional intimacy during daily rushes or when dealing with children.

3. ‘What are you thinking right now?’ The question

Many women try to evaluate how precious the intensity experienced just after sexual intercourse by the other party.

4. Getting away

This is common if the woman has not had an orgasm during sex. Especially if it is ignored by the other party, it is more clearly observed.

5. Immediately dressing

A woman who is not at peace with her own body, or who is concerned about the other party’s evaluation, quickly gets dressed after sexuality.

6. Behaving the opposite is

more common in relationships that do not have orgasm in sexuality or where the man is more selfish. This behavior can also be observed if foreplay is insufficient or in cases of premature ejaculation.

7. Changing the

sheets Some very meticulous women want to change the sheets as soon as sexuality ends. She may want to change the sheets quickly, as the genitals touch the bed or she is disgusted with the infection of the semen. If he does not, he will be in trouble.

Male attitudes after sexuality:

1. Turning back and sleeping

Many men lie and sleep after sexual intercourse. He gets a lot of criticism on this subject. Unfortunately, the oxytocin hormone that is secreted after ejaculation facilitates this situation. Also, men need time and rest after getting divorced to get ready for sexuality again.

2. Smoking

This behavior is more learned. Mostly afilmIt can be seen as a square. There is no other explanation after sexuality. In fact, after sexuality, smoking can prevent the couple from hugging due to the smell.

3. Behave

indifferently Some men may be indifferent after sexuality. This is more common in sexual oriented and emotional relationships.

4. Eating and drinking something

Some men may need to eat after sexuality because of too much effort. Although they may seem strange to the woman, they can be hungry.

5. Checking your phone

Some workaholic men can control their phones after sexuality. Or those who are addicted to their phone can take their toys right away. In fact, it is seen as an attitude that makes the woman very angry.

6. Go to the toilet

Some meticulous men can go to the toilet and pee after sex. They can do this like a ceremony as a result of almost all sexual intercourse. They may have beliefs that if sperm remains on the penis, they will be harmful.

7. Hugging

can be an expression of love and respect.

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