Depressed Vagina : Vulvodynia

Did you know that the vagina is also depressed? This condition, called Vulvodynia, name given to 'pain in the external genital area'.

Depressed vagina

Depressed vagina

Did you know that the vagina is also depressed? This condition, called Vulvodynia, is the general name given to ‘pain in the external genital area’. Millions of women, therefore, suffer in the vagina area. Recent studies have developed new methods for women suffering from this medical condition known as ‘depressive vagina’. So, what exactly is vulvodynia, what are its symptoms?

What is Vulvodynia?

Vulvodynia disease, meaning vulva disease, which is thought to affect approximately 15 percent of women, means the pain of the external genital area in women. Vulva; It includes the inner lips (small lips), outer lips (large lips), clitoris, vestibulum, and hymen (hymen) structures that are the entrance area of ​​the vagina. Genital pain may be continuous, or it may be throbbing, throbbing, stinging, or burning. Sometimes the knife cut in that region can also be described by patients in the form of pressing salt to the open wound and burning with acid.

What are the symptoms?


According to the national health system, vulvodynia can affect women of all ages. Throbbing, such as pain, burning, swelling, and stinging, are just the main symptoms of flat pain and itching. Vulvodynia can be in a certain area or cover the entire genital area. Genital pain can last for months or even years. It is quite annoying by patients. Pain is sometimes experienced more intensely in premenstrual periods.

Can be triggered during sex

Sex Pain

Pain can be triggered when wearing tampons or after contact during sex. The pain can also spread to the hip area and inner legs, increasing its severity.

Is it different from the vaginismus problem?


Vulvodynia differs from the vaginismus problem, which is usually caused by psychological factors. While there is a fear of pain during sexual intercourse in vaginismus, vulvodynia has a real sense of pain. This pain can occur in normal daily life, except in relationships, and negatively affects the person’s psychology.

What are the types of vulvodynia?

types of vulvodynia

There are generally two different types. Common vulvodynia and Regional Vulvodynia.
Diffuse Vulvodynia (Generalize Vulvodynia) describes pain that occurs in different places, at different times in the vulva region. Touch and pressure trigger pain.
Regional Vulvodynia (Localized Vulvodynia) is a complaint of pain in only one area of ​​the vulva. The feeling of pressure and touch, such as wearing tight jeans, tight pants, physical exercise, sitting or sexual intercourse, increase the severity of pain.

Why does the vulvodynia?

Why does vulvodynia

There are nerve damage and irritation of the genital area, hypersensitivity to vaginal fungal infections, pelvic muscle spasms (cramp-shaped contractions), hormonal disorders, history of sexual abuse, frequent use of antibiotics, allergies to chemicals and genetic factors.

How is it diagnosed?

How is it diagnosed

In the gynecological examination, the vulva (external genital area) is mostly in normal appearance. Sometimes there may be an ‘inflamed’ appearance, i.e. slight redness and swelling. Often there is pain and tenderness by touch. Many patients are forced to visit the doctor in search of a cure. Gynecologists, neurologists, algology (pain science) specialists, physical therapists, skin specialists, psychiatrists, and psychologists support patients at this point.

To alleviate the pain …

To alleviate the pain

Prescription drugs such as anesthetic gel and antidepressants are usually recommended for this disease, which is called vagina depression. What you will do at home to alleviate the pain is to avoid a hundred percent cotton underwear, scented hygiene products, and apply cold compresses to the vagina area. Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University say group therapy can help relieve symptoms.

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