25 Positions To Avoid Bed, Home Sex

The pleasure is not limited to sex in the bed, spice up your relationship by changing the positions. 25 sex positions to make love everywhere in the house.

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25 sex positions to avoid bed

Because the pleasure is not limited to sex in a bed, spice up your relationship by varying the positions in the house.

A dinner that slips on the gentleman’s chair, an afternoon caliente on the sofa, an intrusion into the kitchen while you prepare the meal … So many situations conducive to the cuddly moment.

In the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom or even in the hallway, here are 25 ideas of positions for making love everywhere in the house … except in your bed.

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1. The right angle

Dinner was good, but obviously you prefer to go straight to dessert.

The right angle

2. The cocktail

The excitement rises, you do not wait until you have arrived in the room to start …

The cocktail

3. The staircase case

If you have a staircase at home, it’s time to start …

The staircase case

4. The heated meeting

Dinner slips, now you undress in the dining room and take over the chair.

The heated meeting

5. The Great Bear

Sofa or bed, find a comfortable place to lean on while the man is holding your legs.

The Great Bear

6. Back against the wall

By leaning on the work surface, this position will be easier

Back against the wall

7. Upside down

It’s hot tonight in your dining room!

Upside down

8. The antelope

Hold onto the gentleman in any room of the house

The antelope

9. The Amazon

Do not take the time to dine and go directly to dessert … Make way for pleasure!

The Amazon

10. The sedan chair

The wheelbarrow takes on a whole new meaning seen from this angle.

The sedan chair

11. The suspended union

Tired of the bed? Monsieur takes matters into his own hands and lifts you up for some fun.

The suspended union

12. The lock

Take inspiration from this image … Table, washing machine, worktop, let your imagination work.

The lock

13. The sofa bed

We show you the position, you just have to choose between the table and the worktop.

The sofa bed

14. The wall

which wall of the house are you going to lean on tonight?

The wall

15. tightrope

Dear acrobat, this position is for you!


16. The sexy V

A touch of flexibility, a table and voila!

The sexy V

17. The creeper

A little flexibility and voila … A position to reproduce in any room of the house.

The creeper

18. The millennium challenge

If you have a low stool, you are going to have this position.

The millennium challenge

19. The wolf

Monsieur has only to keep well … And you to him!

The wolf

20. A chair for two

Is the film boring? There are so many other things to do on a sofa!

A chair for two

21. Mermaid

A perfect right angle to vibrate with pleasure.


22. The little bridge

Still you acrobat friends? Have fun with the little bridge!

The little bridge

23. The butterfly

Hold on to the table while the gentleman carries you.

The butterfly

24. The fan

No stool on hand? We are sure that you will find a corner in the house to support.

The fan

25. President

On the edge of the bed as on the edge of the sofa, it’s up to the gentleman to lift you.


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