10 Unusual Facts About Sperm

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10 unusual facts about sperm

10 unusual facts about sperm

We know that sperm is in some ways the spouses of your ova. They work a little in “run away from me I’m following you, follow me I’m running away from you” mode. Finally, they are above all conquerors: they do not let go of the affair, as long as they have not managed to “seduce” the coveted ovum. But, they are much more than that, they are endowed with unsuspected qualities. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about sperm.

1. They have a GPS

And yes, flagella (the small tail of sperm) in addition to being fast, have an “antenna” guiding their movements to the desired point: the ovum. A small question remains, is there a voice at the end that says ” you’ve arrived “?

2. They are greedy

They love sugar and eat only that. Moreover, the more your man eats sweet (mango, papaya, raspberry ….), the more his sperm will be “pleasant”. This is a good opportunity to take out your sweet gels and other treats, which can spice up your antics a little (a lot). Like this Durex lubricant flavored with strawberries or this one with cherry (both are rated 4/5 by Amazon customers).

3. They hate heat

One thing is certain, you shouldn’t count on them to go out in the sun. Heat is their worst enemy, it’s like kryptonite for Superman. High temperature kills them slowly, which is why the testicles are located outside the body (well away from 37 ° C) and protect the sperm at a temperature of around 35 ° C. This applies to any heat source: bath, sauna, the computer on your lap, and even tight clothing. What a little nature these sperms!

4. These are workaholics

Passionate about work, they never stop. The 35 hours, the union minimum, and other workers’ rights, they don’t know!

5. They are an endangered species

A man has about 50% fewer sperm than a man from 50 years ago. Should we point the finger at technological advances (computers, laptops, etc.), sources of heat, or the recent fashion interest of men (yes, yes, we obviously think of slim)?

6. They like to go against the rules

They like to go against the rules

Instead of following the same direction as everyone else, they swim against the current and move according to the temperature. Definitely, they do nothing like everyone else these sperm! We salute their audacity, however, since in the end, out of 200 million spermatozoa, only 1 and 1 will succeed in penetrating the ovum. And the winner is…

7. They only have one idea in mind

… reach the egg! The lifespan of a sperm ranges from 2 to 5 days (for the most vigorous): during this time the sperm must travel through the vagina, the cervix and the uterus, to (finally) reach the fallopian tube, where fertilization can take place. If you want to have a child, do not forget to target your reports carefully, taking into account the limited lifespan of the sperm and the egg.

8. They have gone digital

German researchers have successfully placed nanotubes with drugs inside the sperm. Using magnets, they manage to direct them to the desired target. Result? They manage to cure certain inaccessible areas and even go so far as to fertilize eggs. You can not stop progress.

9. 100 million

This is the number of sperm contained in 1 ml of semen. However, at the time of ejaculation, your partner evacuates between 2 and 6 milliliters of sperm (ie between 200 and 600 million sperm). However, the number of sperm varies from day to day for the same person and tends to decrease with age, from 45-50 years of age.

10. 70

It’s the number of days it takes to make sperm. Besides, we talk about spermatogenesis.

11. They are wary of the vagina

Strangely, our vagina scares them (but it is only related to its acidity). Indeed, this acidity (present in all the vaginas, and being more or less concentrated according to women), can destroy them. Fortunately, the sperm is well equipped and benefit from a protective shield, which is nothing more or less than the seminal fluid.

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