10 Sex Promises To Give Yourself a Better Life

Here is a rough list of sex promises to make your day. How exactly to change and supplement it, each woman must determine for herself. The main thing is to adhere to the set goals.

Sex Promises

Sex Promises

Here is a rough list of sex promises to make your day. How exactly to change and supplement it, each woman must determine for herself. The main thing is to adhere to the set goals, Ivona writes

1. Love your body

love body

Our insecurity and self-attractiveness often interfere with a happy intimate life. We can’t reveal our sexuality and enjoy sex to the fullest because we don’t feel good enough. Remember, no one is perfect, even supermodels have their own features. Find your strengths (at least three) and, looking in the mirror, praise yourself for beautiful breasts, a gentle shoulder line, or waist. This may seem ridiculous, but by focusing on what you have is good, you become more confident.

2. Be more legible

This does not mean that you should choose for a relationship only tall brunettes with model parameters. Listen to your heart and do not compromise if something alarms you or causes rejection in a potential partner. Appreciate and love yourself. This applies not only to new acquaintances but also to permanent relationships. Don’t have sex because “he needs it.” Intimate relationships should be fun.

3. Learn more about sex

Read at least one good book by modern authors about sex. For example, Naomi Wolfe’s “Vagina. A History of Female Sexuality” or Emily Nagoski’s “How a Woman Wants. A Sex Workshop.”

4. Do not tolerate

You can change your mind about having sex at any time and you don’t owe anyone anything. And do not agree in sex to what you are not ready for, which seems unacceptable to you. This is your body and only you are free to dispose of it.

5. Do not lie to your partner

No need to simulate orgasm and lie that sex was dizzying. It is better to tactfully say what was wrong and how you would like. Agree with your partner, to be honest with each other and do not be offended if you hear something that you do not like. Only in this way can you find your ideal formula for an intimate relationship in a couple.

6. Never neglect safety

Take care of your health and use condoms. “Safe days” is a myth, you can get pregnant on any day of the cycle.

7. Buy yourself a sex toy

Try something new at least once a year. It may be edible linen, fur handcuffs and other things for pleasure. If you are ashamed to go to a sex shop, read the reviews on the sites and order your favorite thing online.

8. Perform erotic fantasies

Often for fear of seeming lewd, we do not share with our partner our erotic fantasies. Thereby depriving him and himself of pleasure. Talk about the secret, maybe you dream about the same thing, but do not dare to tell each other about it.

9. Learn to do erotic massage

And teach this to your partner. Believe me, your intimate relationship will rise to a completely different level of sensuality.

10. Play a sex game

The easiest way to relax and try something new is to play a sex game. In a wide range, they have presented in sex shops and online stores: it’s cubes with different poses, and erotic twister, and board games that you can play in bed.

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