10 Health and Body Benefits of Female Masturbation

Indulge in solitary pleasure, nothing better for our health. Stress, sleep, knowledge of one's body ... The virtues of female masturbation are numerous.

health and body benefits of female masturbation

Indulge in solitary pleasure, nothing better for our health. Stress, sleep, knowledge of one’s body … The virtues of female masturbation are numerous. Proof by 10.

health and body benefits of female masturbation

Finished, the taboo of female solitary pleasure! Masturbation is part of our sexuality. According to an Ifop survey, 74% of women say they have indulged in solo pleasure at least once in their life compared to 19% in 1970. A flat all the same: they are only 14% masturbating at least one times a week compared to 50% of men. However, there are plenty of reasons to justify the benefits of female onanism. Stress, sleep, heart, here are the 10 benefits of female masturbation on physical and mental health.

1. Masturbation makes us happier

During masturbation, we release endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, which make us feel better and give us a feeling of well-being and pleasure. This practice, therefore, makes you happy, a bit like after eating a bar of chocolate. It feels like a little cloud!

2. It reduces stress

reduces stress

As we have just seen, masturbation leads to the production of endorphins, the famous “happiness hormones” which provide a feeling of well-being and soothing. These hormones are multiplied during orgasm, which increases the feeling of zen. Want to relax after a long, stressful day? You know what you have left to do!

3. Masturbation helps reduce menstrual pain

Another effect of endorphins, they act as a pain reliever. In short, masturbation, a natural pain reliever. In other words, it helps relieve certain pains such as headaches and painful periods, at least temporarily. Obviously every woman is different and maybe it won’t work on you, but it’s worth a try, right?

4. Masturbation makes you sleep better

Besides reducing stress or menstrual pain, masturbating also improves sleep. Why do we generally fall into the arms of Morpheus after a moment of pleasure? Because orgasms dissipate emotional and physical tension, which helps you fall asleep more easily. We feel more relaxed and peaceful.

5. It boosts the heart system

Masturbation is an activity that boosts the heart system. In addition, it significantly increases the level of estrogen, a female hormone that has a protective effect on heart health.

6. Masturbation to get to know our body better

Lonely pleasure is important. Why? Because it is a way of discovering our body because it allows us to explore what we like and what we like least. Knowing your body better makes it possible to orient your partner during sexual intercourse and thus more easily reach orgasm. Do not hesitate to observe her naked body and her vulva, using a mirror for example. Knowing your body better, but also gaining more confidence also helps women with vaginismus.

7. Achieve one or more orgasms

Achieve one or more orgasms

According to an Ifop study published in 2017, 46% of women achieve orgasm more easily by masturbating than when they have sex with their partner. Understanding how his body works allow him to know how to do him good and reach the 7th heaven. Once, twice, three times … We can have several orgasms in a row, for our greatest pleasure. So why deprive yourself of it?

8. Masturbation develops our imagination

Female masturbation leaves room for all possible scenarios. With or without a sex toy, by practicing “humping”, with the showerhead, thinking of the neighbor above, Brad Pitt or his last stroke, there are many ways to masturbate. So, we close our eyes, let our imagination do the rest and above all, we savor this moment with ourselves (or with Brad).

9. It improves our sex life

Masturbation helps us to tell our partner what we like and what makes us feel good, where to caress us, how to touch us, etc. It can go beyond solitary pleasure and be practiced as a couple. Indeed, duo masturbation can be very exciting and boost our sexuality or our couple.

10. Masturbation builds self-confidence

What could be better than being able to get pleasure yourself? Masturbation boosts our ego and gives us a feeling of satisfaction and liberating independence. Mastering our own pleasure improves self-esteem. And after all, don’t we say that we are never better served than by ourselves?

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